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  Who: SRO Hosting is operated by SRO Systems, doing business since November 1994 in Lake Arrowhead, California.   Hosting facilities are at 600 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California.
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What: SRO is a hosting company, not a reseller.   We build, maintain and support our own servers and lease space in the top network facilities in the world. This allows us to provide both the ultimate uptime, speed and flexibility for our customers, and the immediate knowledge and ability to work with you directly to solve any issue you might have.

Why: SRO has been a hardware, software and solutions provider for entertainment and advertising industries since 1994.   Our hosting business grew from our company's need to provide (and to have) more reliable hosting than offered by "Professional" hosts we used in the past.   We could not tolerate the downtime and lack of support considered acceptable by most commercial hosts, so SRO Hosting was born.

How:Our hosting servers are built from the ground up by our own technicians using only time tested hardware. They are designed to run for years on end without any downtime and this is proven by our industry leading service availability statistics. To minimize potential downtime, all servers are also accompanied by fully redundant clones, always on standby if the primary server were to fail.

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