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Spam policy

SRO is proactively against the rampant abuse of internet email for unsolicited marketing and we do not tolerate our servers being used to send or receive spam (unsolicited bulk) email. SRO clients agree to terms of service which include an Acceptible Use Policy prohibiting transmiting or facilitating spam. If you receive unsolicited email from a SRO customer, please report it (with all headers!) to .   Any user found to knowingly violate our SPAM policy will be terminated.

SRO uses a custom combination of dynamic firewalls, realtime blackhole lists (RBLs), SpamAssassin, Greylisting and other methods to block mail from spam networks or relay servers.   This dramatically reduces the amount of spam received by our customers, but can also occasionally cause some valid mail from users on blocked hosts to be rejected.   Sending a message to a SRO customer from a blocked server will result in a bounce containing an error message listing the reason.   To resolve the issue, the sender should forward a copy of the message to their provider.   For more information about SRO spam blocking methods, please read this notice.

Anti-spam system: SRO Hosting has SPF enabled mail servers (clients can elect to use SPF records or not) and we also offer TMDA; capable of virtually eliminating spam on accounts which enable it. TMDA holds mail from new senders until the sender responds to a challenge verifying the message came from a valid address. If the sender responds to the challenge, they are automatically approved and never challenged again. If they do not respond, you never receive their email. This system can be enabled or disabled for individual email accounts at any time and includes options to manually approve, blacklist and whitelist individual senders.

Definition of UBE (Unsolicited Bulk E-mail), or spam:
  • Use of SRO hosted domain or server to send any message, promotional material or other form of solicitation via e-mail not explicitly requested or permitted by the recipient of such message.
  • Unsolicited postings to newsgroups advertising any IP or URL hosted by SRO Hosting
  • Use of web pages set up on other ISPs which allow spamming by directly or indirectly referencing domains or IP addresses hosted by SRO Hosting.
  • Advertising, transmitting, or otherwise making available any software, program, product, or service that is designed to facilitate a means to spam.
  • Forging or misrepresenting message headers, in whole or in part, to mask the true origin of the message.
Penalties for Spamming:
SRO reserves the right to terminate, without warning, any account violating our anti-spam policy. Use of SRO services constitutes acceptance of this policy. SRO may, at its option, charge $75 per validated spam complaint received for any domain or IP on our network. These charges are non-refundable and will be invoiced to the owner of the domain or server at the time of complaint notification. SRO will determine at it's discretion what is considered "spam" or "UCE" and determine from available evidence whether this was the actual intent of the customer.
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