SRO Hosting - Premium web hosting services  Our Guarantees

SRO offers some of the most extensive quality guarantees in the hosting industry:

30 day, money-back guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your experience at SRO Hosting within the first 30 days of service, just let us know and we will refund your hosting fee immediately.   No questions, no hidden conditions and no hassles.
No overselling guarantee
SRO does not oversell hosting resources.   We guarantee all bandwidth and disk space we sell will be available to every customer, all the time.   If you are unable to use your allocated space or bandwidth in a given month due to lack of resources, that month will be free.
No overload guarantee
SRO guarantees CPU load on your hosting server will not exceed "100%" (load average 1.0 per cpu) for more than one hour in a given day.   If it does, that day will be credited in full.
99.9% uptime guarantee
This applies both to our hardware and network!   SRO Hosting guarantees:

1) Your server will not experience over 45 minutes of unscheduled down time in any given month or over 2 minutes of unscheduled down time on any given day.   If either occurs, we will credit your account the hosting fee for that period (month or day).

2) Your site will available from major network backbones 99.9% of any given month or day.   In the event of unscheduled outage, we credit a week of service for every fifteen minutes our network is down.   For outages over 45 minutes, we credit an entire month.
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