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  I get a lot of spam email. How can I stop it?
SRO uses several methods to block known spam sources, however not everyone has the same definition of spam, so it is important to train our spam filters to recognize 'your' spam.   If you use IMAP, simply create a mailbox folder named 'Junk' or 'Spam' and put spam you receive in it.   With frequent traning, our spam filters will learn these messages as spam automatically.  

If you want abolutely no unsolicited email at all, we have another option called TMDA (tagged message delivery agent) which can virtually stop all spam on selected email addresses.

With TMDA, anyone who emails you must initially respond to a challenge to verify they used a valid return address. Since most spam uses invalid/forged return addresses, it will rarely be validated and you will never receive it. Before turning this feature on however, beware a few important issues:
1) Nobody can initially email you without responding to a challenge. You may 'whitelist' known addresses, but everyone else must respond to the challenge the first time they contact you. Not everyone will do this and you will miss some email.
2) Mailing lists will need to be manually added to your whitelist as they will not respond to challenge messages.
3) Email from web forms or other sources where the sender address is unknown will not reach you unless you use special time-limited addresses which allow all mail.
With these things in mind, you may turn TMDA on and off by clicking the TMDA icon in your control panel (or and following the instructions. For more detailed information about TMDA, please click here.

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