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  Frequently asked questions:

How do I: register a domain name?

How do I: transfer my domain to SRO?

How do I: upload my files to my site?

Can SRO: transfer my website to your servers?

How do I: setup my email program?

How do I: check my mail from the web?

Why can't I :  Send mail? I get an error message!

What is :  Mail quota warning?

Why is :  My mailbox slow? Inbox takes forever to load.

Why can't I :  Access my site or send email?

What is :  DNS and what are registrars?

What is :  domain parking?

How do I: stop receiving spam emails?

How do I: check my web site statistics?

How do I: access my Mysql database?

How do I: upload and use CGI/Perl scripts?

How do I: password protect directories?

How does SRO: backup my files?

Other questions? Email or call (877) 276-4678 (8am-6pm PST).   All requests will be answered within 24 hours.
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