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  My Inbox loads slowly! What is wrong?
Check the size and number of messages in your inbox.
  • Mailbox size   Depending on your hosting plan, the maximum mailbox size will be from 512MB to 2GB. The closer your account is to it's maximum size, the slower your mailbox will load. If you are using 80% or more of your allowed space, you should archive or delete old email to reduce your mailbox size.

  • Number of messages   Mailbox access speed is directly proportional to the number of messages in the folder. SRO HIGHLY recomends limiting the number of messages to less than 10,000 per folder for quick mailbox access. Mail folders containing 20,000 or more messages will open slowly regardless of connection speed or any other factor.

  • Load limiting  Shared hosting accounts have CPU and memory usage limits to avoid server overload. Email accounts with a large number of messages and/or large file sizes are more likely to exceed CPU or memory limits and be subject to load limiting measures. If you have difficulty accessing email, experience connection timeouts or other errors, first check your mailbox size and number of messages.

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