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  I can't send mail! What is wrong?
First, be sure that you setup your mail client correctly. Some programs (like Outlook) have a 'test' option which may produce a helful error message. That out of the way, there are a few reasons you might not be able to send mail:
  1. ISP Port blocking   Some residential ISPs block outbound mail (port 25) to prevent virus infected customers from sending spam. Check with your ISP to determine if this is the case. If so, you can still send mail via your ISP mail server ( or use the 'submission' port (port 587) to connect to the SRO mail server. Check your mail program help for information on changing ports.

  2. Abuse/Firewall block  When SRO servers encounter 'Bot' PCs trying to send spam from residential networks, those networks may be blocked at our firewall.   To whitelist your location, try logging into your hosting control panel as mentioned here.

  3. SPF records   To hinder spammers who send spam using your email in the return address, SRO uses SPF records to say where (what servers) your email can legitimately originate from. If you send email using a local ISP mail server or a portable device like a Blackberry, the SMTP server may not match your return address and your mail may be rejected by SPF enabled servers. If this is the case, contact us and let us know your ISP mail server address so we can add it to your domain SPF record.
Note: All of these issues can be fixed by connecting directly to the SRO ( mail server using port 587.

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