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  How do I transfer my domain to SRO Hosting?
Change the name servers in your Domain Registrar control panel to SRO name servers.

1) In the activation email we sent, find your name server addresses. These will be something like '', ''
2) In your Registrar control panel, point your Authorative primary and secondary name servers to these addresses.

Details: When you registered your domain, you should have received an email from your registrar with instructions to access/modify your domain nameserver records. Use this to enter your registrar control panel and change the nameserver addresses to those shown in your activation email.

If your domain was registered by your previous web host, contact them for this information. If they fail to help you, check a whois database to find information about who to contact.

In the whois information:
Registrar is who keeps your domain records. Contact them.
Administrative Contact should be YOU
Technical Contact can be you or your web host.

For more help with domain transfer (or to just let us do it for you), please

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