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  How do I register a domain name?
Many hosts, SRO Hosting included, may offer to register your domain name for you.   Please understand that doing this through your web host is a service of convenience (and one the host may profit from), not a requirement.

You certainly may register your domain yourself.   This is not a difficult process and it ensures you have control over your domain, making moving to a new host as simple as changing a setting in your registrar control panel.   On the other hand, having your web host manage your domain may allow the host to provide services (like subdomains) which you might otherwise need to handle yourself, saving steps and freeing you from additional hassle.

SRO Hosting allows you to register a domain through us at the time you signup for your new hosting account with personal service at rates competitive with larger domain registrars such as Godaddy or NameCheap.

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