SRO Hosting - Premium web hosting services  The Difference

What's so special about SRO Hosting? What do we do different than 'budget' hosts?

High quality networks. SRO does not use single-homed or 'budget' bandwidth providers. We utilize BGP routed Verio, Genuity, GLBX and other high quality, tier 1 backbone providers. This allows not only a high level of carrier redundancy and near 100% network up-time, but also numerous direct peering options which significantly reduce latency in routes between many of the world's largest data centers.

Constant monitoring. Our network is automatically monitored by us and our datacenter staff using both automated and supervised monitoring and analysis tools, including:
    • BGP best-path routing
    • Quality of Service monitoring and analysis
    • Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures.

Critical services on our hosting machines are also monitored locally and remotely at least once every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and SRO staff is notified immediately if a server or service goes down. Will a budget host have their own staff in the datacenter at 2am Saturday morning to get you up and running ASAP and tell you about it even though you might never have known?   We will.

High-end, low-load servers. At SRO, we don't call servers running thousands of sites at high loads 'cash cows', we call them bottlenecks to your business.   Not only do we use quad CPUs where one would do, we constantly monitor server loads and provision new servers before they are needed to keep loads far below industry standards (currently below 12% average utilization).   We also maintain our own hardware in-house, so if something goes wrong there is nobody to call or wait on... it can be quickly repaired locally.   Ask budget hosts who maintains their servers?   Do they have spare hard drives, motherboards, memory, cpus and entire standby systems always available?   We do.

Redundancy, redundancy. Our network carriers, data center power feeds and server hardware are all backed up by fully operational standby systems all the time. Every site's html and sql backups are performed daily to both local and remote backup systems. When a budget host's network or hardware goes down, do you think they can simply switch to alternate providers or setup backup servers on the fly and have you up and running again before you even know you're down?   We can.
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