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  How do I upload to my site?
You need a ftp program and your account login (username/password) info.

1) In the email we sent when you joined, find your Host Name, User ID and Password.

2) Download and install a FTP client like FileZilla, WS-FTP, CuteFTP or FTP Explorer.

3) Read the help and enter host, user ID and password where asked. Turn 'anonymous' off.
  • 'Host Name' might also be called "address" or "domain".
  • 'User ID' might also be called "login" or "account ID".
  • Leave "account" or "Initial path" settings (if present) blank.
Note: It can take up to 36 hours for DNS to point your domain to our server. If DNS isn't updated yet, use the server IP address (included in activation email) as the ftp host name.

Note: You may also upload files from your hosting control panel>File Manager, but this is provided for convenience in uploading single files and not an alternative to a FTP program.

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