SRO Hosting - Premium web hosting services  FAQ - The mail server says I am out of space

  I got email saying 'mailbox is xx% full!' What do I do?
Short answer: delete old messages from your mailbox.

When your hosting account is setup, per user quota will be the account's max disk space divided by the allowed number of users and this quota cannot be exceeded without warnings.   At 100% capacity, your account may no longer be able to send or receive email

For flexibility, SRO Hosting may adjust user quotas upward on a PER REQUEST basis up to our 'mailbox max' (largest mailbox our server can process).

It is important to understand, mail servers are not 'mail storage' and SRO Hosting does not guarantee persistence of email which stored on our server(s) and never downloaded to your PC.

With that in mind, please contact SRO Hosting for custom quota adjustments.
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