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  I cannot access my site or email! What is wrong?
If you are traveling or located in an area with frequent 'bot' (hacked PCs or server) activity, you may find services unavailable due to 'automatic blacklisting'.   Symptoms include being unable to send or receive email, unable to access FTP or unable to reach your website.

As annoying as this is, it is for your protection.   Automatic blacklisting occurs when bots attempt repeated brute force login to our customer accounts.   To reduce the chance of successfull brute force login, such attempts are blocked by our hosting server firewalls.

Temporarily whitelist your location: The auto blacklist firewall normally only blocks email and FTP, but still allows web access.   To restore full access to your server, simply login to your hosting control panel.   A succesfull login will add your location's IP address to the firewall 'auto whitelist' and you will once again have full access to FTP or email services.

If you are completely unable to access your website (but can access others), contact support.

Note: Auto whitelisting is temporary. Whitelist entries will be removed in 30 to 90 days.

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