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  How do I send and receive email?
You need a email program and your account login (username/password) info.

1) In the email sent when you joined, find your: domain, email address and password.

2) If you don't already have an email program, download and install one like Thunderbird.

3) Read the email client help and enter your domain, email address and password where asked.

Note: Different mail software may use different terms for the account name such as 'Login Name', 'User Name' or 'Email Address', but in each case this should be your complete email address (

4) Where the program asks for Incoming (POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) servers, use:

Step by step guides are available for:
Eudora 6.x & 7.x   Outlook 2003   Mozilla ThunderBird   IOS (iPad/iPhone)

1) Always use your complete email address ( as the Login name.

2) We highly suggest using the 'submission port' (port 587) instead of port 25 to send mail.

3) To send mail using SSL, use your mail program's 'Secure Connection' or 'Secure Socket' option. Our SSL servers operate on SMTPS port # 465, not the 'submission port'. Depending on your mail client, you may need to edit the port number.

4) SSL connections will require you accept (trust) our email SSL certificate before connecting.

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