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  How does SRO backup my site?
All server hardware will eventually fail at some unpredictable interval, so SRO takes server and site backups very seriously. SRO site backups are performed in three ways to reduce the possibility of data loss during any of several failure scenarios we have contingency plans for.

All sites are:

  • Backed up daily and weekly to a secondary drive in the same server.
    You may verify this by clicking 'Backups' in your account control panel to view HTML and SQL backups.

  • Mirrored daily to a failover server waiting in hot standby mode.
    In the event of a primary server failure, the mirror server can be online almost immediately, though DNS/IP changes may take minutes or hours depending on the site.

  • Uploaded to a remote office at least 50 miles away from the datacenter weekly.
    In the event of 'catastrophic failure', your files may be migrated to new servers or made available for migration from our remote backup location.

    SRO also verifies backup integrity at regular intervals, but we cannot explicitly guarantee the availability or integrity of backups for legal reasons, so we highly advise you make your own backups of your site files at a comfortable interval.

    With that in mind, the SRO Hosting control panel allows customers to download daily backups or create a current site snapshot at any time*.

    * 'Instant' backups may occasionally be restricted during peak periods to avoid service disruption and to comply with the SRO Hosting No overload guarantee.

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