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What PHP version does SRO support?

Most SRO Hosting servers currently run PHP version 5.6.x. or 7.2.x   Some servers can support older or newer versions, so be sure to ask if you need one specifically.

Note: when multiple PHP versions are installed on the same server, PHP may use fastCGI with SuExec and requires a few things to work:
  1. PHP script file extension should be .php[N] (this can be changed on request)
  2. A php5-fcgi file must exist in your public_html directory.

What PHP modules and extensions do SRO support?

Most SRO Hosting servers have php compiled with support for memcache, GD and/or Imagemagick, Freetype, Curl, Mcrypt and several other common extensions.   Other modules or extension may be available on request depending on your needs and the results of stability testing.

Why not just enable everything?

Primarily, because the stability and security of any server depend on what code it runs.   This applies all the way from the operating system down to the html and PHP code uploaded by users.   By stripping out most un-neccesary code and using only the most stringently tested and well known extensions, we can substantially limit the number of potential security holes which may appear when particular modules are exploited in the future.

Second, there are hundreds of extensions available for PHP.   Since these are not included in the base PHP install, each extension must be manually added to our installation package and recompiled and re-tested whenever PHP is installed or upgraded.   More extensions = more time delay before a PHP upgrade can be implemented.

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