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Provisions for redundant networks and failover hardware are designed to ensure outages never occur, but they do, so it is important to stress what is done to detect outages and to recover from them when outages occur.

Using a unique combination of multiple external and internal monitoring services, SRO Hosting monitors our servers' network connectivity to multiple, remote backbone locations once per minute, 24 hours a day and records the results in a database backed up offsite.

Multiple remote monitors ensure we record failures whether they occur on our own network or on other nearby backbone carriers.   More accurate local database recording allow us to log network outages at better than one minute intervals. Finally, monitoring by our network providers completes the chain of redundancy.

Any detected outages are confirmed by testing alternate routes (our network provider's BGP4 routing circumvents most failures in less than a minute) and SRO staff is notified of any outages lasting more than a few seconds. Failure notification is accomplished via remote email and voice pager to ensure that failures do not stop communications.

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